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Defy the best teams

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Thousands of players from all over the
world have participated in the World Cup
for more than 30 years. The most promising
young talents come every summer to Barcelona
to compete under the watchful eye of important
scouts of Spanish and European teams.

Since 1975 more than 20.000 teams have taken part in this competition, FC Barcelona,
Real Madrid and Milan among them.
Many of the players who took part in the
World Cup became members of their
national teams or of first division clubs.

If your team cannot participate
in the championship, we will solve
the problem for you. Apply for taking
part in the World Team formed by chosen
players from throughout the world.
Do not lose this great opportunity!


RCD Espanyol is the winner

The World Cup is over for the youngest and prebenjamines born between 2005 and 2006. Has been a great festival of football, which was first RCD Espanyol, the team’s 2006 second Fundación Marcet and 2007 third choice. Senior soccer. The pictures say it all. See them HERE at the official Facebook page of the Marcet Foundation.


Everything is ready!

Everything is ready for the new edition of the Academies’ World Cup of Football. Also this summer the flagship tournament of the Marcet Foundation starts with the participation of great teams from all over Europe, from Portugal to Italy via Sweden. Among the clubs traveling to Barcelona to play the championship there is the prestigious Inter Milan, and other historical clubs like the Torino (Italy), Sporting (Portugal) or Malmö (Sweden). In addition, the World Cup also will involve the selection of North Korea and many Spanish teams like Castellón… Roll out the ball and start the show!

2003 Pulcini