The Academies’ World Cup of Football of Barcelona is the international tournament which has excited players from all over the world for more than 30 years. As the presence of important scouts from major Spanish and European teams shows every year, it is the ideal championship to see in action the most promising young talents in world’s football.

Since 1975 more than 20.000 teams have taken part in the competition, which include relevant schools of football such as the F.C. Barcelona, the Real Madrid C.F., the Valencia C.F. or the A.C. Milan. The players who came to the World Cup in recent years exceed the 300.000 and are from countries as diverse as Russia, Cameroon, Mexico or New Zealand. Many of them have managed to join their national teams or have become professional football players in the first divisions of the best leagues of Europe and America.

The World Cup is revolutionary in its approach giving preference to the training of the player over the competition itself. In the Fundación Marcet we believe that the matches are not a purpose in themselves but a means of learning within the process of players’ education. That is why the 10 days of the tournament are combined with technification courses specifically examined to provide the players with the skills and values they need to compete at the highest level.

The tournament is divided in two phases: during the first seven days the Schools of Football Championship is played. In it, groups of 6 teams compete against in a double-round league. In the last three days the Academies’ World Cup is held; in it all of the teams start from scratch again so they have the same opportunities to achieve victory (although those ranked first in the Academies’World Cup play against the lowest ranked). The competition ends with a closing parade and a medal ceremony.

AbrazosEverybody can participate in the World Cup, both entire teams and free riders, who will join others in the Marcet Teams (SEE THE MARCET TEAMS). The only condition to join this great event of football training is to comply with the values that are among the goals of the tournament, such as respect, friendship, effort, health care and honesty, supporting in every single moment the fair play and sportsmanship.


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