The Fundación Marcet is in charge of the organization of the Academies’ World Cup of Football. We are a reference institution in the world of the sports education. With more than 30 years of experience in this sector, our school of football’s headquarters is in Barcelona, but we also have branches throughout the world.

All of our trainings are scheduled and planned in detail. In the Fundación Marcet nothing is improvised. Players begin their work with a technical scanning to determine their levels at this starting point. After that, they keep being constantly evaluated so they know what their situation is at any time. We make this personalized approach because we understand that the footballer deserves to know why and what all he does is for.

To accomplish this goal our innovative last-technology methods are fundamental. Our school of football not only counts on pitching machines or radar guns, also counts on with devices which allow us making detailed biomechanical analysis of the technical gestures of each player as well as with computational programs capable of decipher all  match’s clues.

But the work developed by our Foundation goes farther than a simple training of the individual technique. Our trainers are, above all, educators concerned in motivate their students in an exigent and disciplined environment, although amiable and familiar. For that reason we rely on a pedagogical department. That is why we count on a pedagogical department dedicated to create educational plans adapted to all ages.

In the Fundación Marcet, values and learning are over competition and this is the spirit we instill every summer into the World Cup, because the sportsman can be born with some innate qualities that he will never really develop if he disdains respecting himself and his mates.



The Fundación Marcet’ Sports City is located in Barcelona and is accessible by Line 3, Mundet Station of Metro (Underground/Subway). Our installations have 10 training fields of naturalized and artificial grass, 42 dressing rooms, boarding houses, classrooms, dining room, cafeteria, function room, infirmary, heated swimming-pool  and training machines zone.

Fundación Marcet

Avda. Can Marcet s/n
08035, Barcelona
Subway: Mundet (Line 3)

Phone: +34 934284500

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